1. Your business will be listed in our digital platform i.e. Mobile app, web and Digital Diary at no cost
  2. Your special offers will attract the clients towards your doorstep rather than your competitors
  3. Your business specialties will be indicated in specific segment with brief description and images
  4. Nominal additional cost of extra physical discount or offer coupon end-user branding and sure customer reach to your business
  5. Featured facilities for paid branding and you will have top position listing in your business category
  6. We have each and every segment category where normally people spend their budget annually, so any of your business can be associated with us and earn more with unknown customer at your business place
  7. Various economical packages are designed to satisfy your needs as per your business model and to boost your business to clients specifically via social media, print media, digital platforms and by specialized marketing strategies generated by team of I-MART
  8. User friendly mobile app, Physical card with QR scan facilities and on door clients will make your service easier and compatible
  9. I-MART will provide you wholesale purchase leads and delivery services in future with no extra cost and some other specialized benefits for development of your business
  10. Our main aim is to make unbreakable bond of Demand and supply between your business and customer with specialized offer you provide to them and make economical cost cutting of budget and provide maximum volume of business to you .
  11. The I-MART SUPER SAVER CARD will be distributed in every zone of the city urban as well as rural, high society as well as middle class, commercial zone as well as residential zone and also in every government official departments in the whole district
  12. We welcome you to join the journey of making people’s life economical in terms of finance, make them satisfied via superior services and to make little change with our presence in their life via connecting supply to their demands at affordable price.


  1. You have to provide specialized discount offer and that should be for I-Mart only for better results of customer attraction
  2. No cash without signed voucher
  3. Cheque in favor of aarvy mart pvt. Ltd.
  4. Specify your offer condition, term period ,time duration and clear indication with detailed description in Merchant registration form for clear understanding of your offer’s credential
  5. You can’t deny to provide offer to customer after signing agreement with us if it happens repeatedly your listing will be removed from every platform of I-MART
  6. Try to make discount offer very amazing that attract the client towards your business so that volume of clients can be maximized
  7. This is only a service sector for Branding and Promoting your specialty to end-users, any personal disputes and issues with customers at place or outsideand on that basis any legal action or blames will not be entertained.
  8. All rights are reserved to the company aarvy mart pvt. ltd.

Package :

  • Free registration  Silver(999)  Gold (2999)  Platinum(9999)  Diamond(24,999)

Free Registration :

  • Free Listing in I-Mart Mobile App
  • 1 Cover photo in I-Mart Mobile App
  • 1 Poster Phone in I-Mart Mobile App
  • 1 Gallery Photo in I-Mart Mobile App
  • Business details & discount tag

Silver Package : Rs. 999

  • Free Registration
  • 3 Gallery photo in I-Mart Mobile App
  • Business Desscription
  • 1 offer coupon (in welcome kit)

Gold Package : Rs.2999

  • Silver Package
  • 1 time social media promotion
  • 5 Gallery photo in I-Mart Mobile App
  • 2 offer coupon (in welcome kit)
  • 1 I-Mart Super Saver Card (worth Rs.2499)
  • 10% Card selling partnership offer

Platinum Package : Rs.9999

  • Gold Package
  • 7 time social media promotion
  • Video URL + Website link
  • 3 offer coupon (in welcome kit)
  • 5 I-Mart Super Saver Card (worth Rs.12,500)
  • 10% Card selling partnership offer

Diamond Package : Rs.24,999

  • Platinum package
  • 30 time social media promotion
  • 5 offer coupon (in welcome kit)
  • Unlimited Daily image design with your logo & festival post for 1 year
  • Top listing as a featured client in your particular category in I-Mart Mobile App
  • 10 I-Mart Super Saver Card (worth Rs.25,000)
  • 20% Card selling partnership offer (Authorise card distributor)
  • You Can Sale I-Mart Super saver card with 20% profit margin